Cloud Formation Diagram

Cloud formation diagrahm Not all clouds are the same. There are many types of clouds. The three main types of clouds are Stratus, Cirrus and Cumulus. Stratus is the lowest type of cloud. They are  grey in color. They often cover the entire sky.Nimbostratus clouds are a Stratus cloud. Nimbostratus clouds usually are associated with rain or snow. Cumulus clouds are very puffy and white. They look like very large puffballs. There also is Cumulonimbus clouds. They are a type of cumulus cloud. Cumulonimbus clouds are basically thunderstorm clouds. They are very tall. Cirrus clouds are the highest kind of cloud. They are wispy and mean good weather. Cirrostratus clouds  are a type of Cirrus cloud. They are very thin. Another kind of Cirrus cloud is cirrocumulus clouds. They appear as little white puffs. They look like a fishes tail. That is the different cloud types.

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